Annual Report Analysis of Feed Listed Companies in China

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Feed industry hot topics in 2013:

-In March 2013, H7N9 began to break out, seriously influencing the entire animal husbandry and feed production. Therefore, sales volume of feed and poultry products declined sharply.

-Since the rapeseed meal futures were listed at the end of 2012, the price of rapeseed meal had larger fluctuation. In 2013, the price reached USD545.87/t, up 40.80% YoY. Next, the feed for freshwater fish price rose. All of these situations made aquaculture business worse.

-In May 2012, Yonghao Liu ceased acting as the chairman of New Hope, where the board of directors was composed of ten people. Chang Liu and Chunhua Chen, as new members, were appointed as the joint chairmen. In March 2013, the JXN general manager, Xiankun He, and the finance director, Jianying Liao, also quitted their jobs.


In 2013, the feed industry showed a tendency of weak growth. It was not only influenced by the downturn of domestic economy, but also suffered the consequences of bad weather and aquaculture disease. Feed listed companies suffered some difficult times.

Purpose of report:

To clearly describe China's feed industry, CCM has collected lots of information in various ways. In this report, development situation of feed listed companies has been described in detail, their revenue and business structure also have been analyzed.

What to report:

In this report, the 11 feed listed companies have been analyzed exhaustively from the following aspects:

-Revenue and net profit of the feed listed companies, 2009-2013;

-Main business structure of the feed listed companies by revenue, 2013;

-Revenue of the feed listed companies by region, 2012 and 2013;

-Revenue from the top 5 customers of the feed listed companies, 2012 and 2013;

-Revenue and gross profit margin of feed business of the feed listed companies, 2009-2013;


In recent years, the trend of farming scale is obvious, which brought opportunities to accelerate the integration. The M&A and restructuring in feed industry have speeded up significantly. Competitive advantages are letting the most excellent enterprises show a continuous growth. The development of Chinese feed industry is expected to achieve the following goals in the next few years: the R&D of low nitrogen, phosphorus and other green feed products will be promoted; the use of minerals, trace elements and drug feed additives will be more specific; and energy consumption of per unit of output value in feed industry will keep its steady decline.

As for the forms of production, bulk feed will achieve a rapid development and the delivery of feed products will become more professional.

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