2014 Semi-annual Report Analysis of China Phosphorus Chemical Listed Enterprises

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The eleven major listed phosphorus chemical enterprises issued their 2014 semi-annual report on time, but it provided some unfavorable information:

- In H1 2014, the total revenue of the eleven listed enterprises reached USD8.93 billion, down 4.24% YoY. At the same time, more than half of them suffered a decrease of their total operating revenue.

- In the aspect of profit status, the overall situation was not optimistic, since the eleven companies suffered a total loss of USD178.96 million in H1 2014, while they enjoyed a net profit of USD13.59 million in the same period of last year. Among the eleven listed enterprises, ten experienced a decrease of their net profit, while five suffered a loss of net profit.

Most of these companies attributed their loss to the unsatisfying economy situation, gloomy domestic phosphorus chemical and fertilizer market, remarkable overcapacity and weak downstream demand.

Though all these companies have tried their best to change the situation, predictions are still not optimistic in the short term.

In this report, the specific situation (including their industrial position, financial situation, advantage analysis, etc.) of the eleven major listed companies had been given and been integrally analyzed to show the performance of the whole phosphorus chemical industry.

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