Vitamin Trade Flows in China

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Hot topics of vitamin industry in 2013 and H1 2014:
- The fire that happened in the Germany plant of BASF in March 2014 had greatly impacted on the price increase of VA in the world.
- In Q2 2014, feed industry saw signs of recovery from the recession caused by bird flu, and this would benefit vitamin industry.
- Price of calcium pantothenate (derivative of vitamin B5) saw huge growth in 2014.
- Acquisitions appeared frequently in global vitamin industry. For example, Royal DSM announced in July 2014 that it had reached an agreement to acquire Aland Nutraceutical Holding, Ltd., a leading producer of VC in China.
- China's producers will face more rigorous control in environmental pollution.

Purpose of this report:
Import and export data of China's vitamins in 2013 and H1 2014 have been analyzed in this report by CCM, in order to give a direct analysis of China's vitamin trade flows around the volume, price, partners, and an indirect description of industry changes.

What to report:
In this report, import and export of China's vitamins in 2013 and H1 2014 are analyzed in the following aspects:
- Trade volume and value of total vitamins and each category, 2013 and H1 2014
- Import and export structures of China's vitamins, 2013 and H1 2014
- Import sources and export destinations, 2013 and H1 2014
- Comparison of the changes in export volume and price among different vitamin categories, 2013 and H1 2014
Besides, major factors which affected or will affect the trade of China's vitamins also have been analyzed in this report.

Global demand for China's vitamins and its export volume will continue to increase in the following years, as long as no animal outbreak similar to bird flu appear again. The intensifying environmental protection will increase the cost of China's producers of vitamins, and push up prices. Besides, some significant acquisitions will also bring impact on global vitamin market.

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