Production and Market of Paraquat in China

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Paraquat has been at a leading position in the world's non-selective herbicides in the past few years. It is the second largest herbicide in terms of consumption, only after glyphosate.

China’s paraquat industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with TK output growing with a CAGR of about 13% during 2009-2013. China is currently a major paraquat export country, and nearly 90% of its paraquat output is exported annually.

Industrial affairs:

In April 2012, Chinese government released an official announcement, namely Notification No. 1745, with a series of restrictive management measures on paraquat, such as stopping approving new manufacturers, implementing production permits and registrations of paraquat TK and formulations since April 24, 2012; forbidding all the production of paraquat AS after July 1, 2014 except for export and forbidding all the sales and application in the domestic market after July 1, 2016. This policy will greatly impact the demand of paraquat in the domestic market.

On Sept. 21, 2012, China decided to conduct anti-dumping investigations on imported pyridine originated from India and Japan. On May 27, 2013, China made a preliminary determination that pyridine originated from India and Japan was found dumping. On Nov. 20, 2013, China announced that it has made the final decision to impose anti-dumping duties on pyridine originating from India and Japan for five years.

Since 2013, the price of both paraquat TK & formulations and pyridine have increased sharply.

China's position:

China is the leading producer of paraquat TK in the world, and it plays a more and more important role in the global paraquat market. As of May 2014, China’s capacity of paraquat TK is 178,500t/a, accounting for about two thirds of the global total.

Purpose of report:

CCM devotes itself to research further on the production and market situation of paraquat and pyridine in China and help customer know deeply about influence from policies and anti-dumping case, so as to help them grasp opportunities and avoid risk.

Differences with previous version:

- Main content structure unchanged

- Supplementing the latest information from 2013 to H1 2014

Application user:

- World producers of herbicides (both Technical and formulations)

- World producers/traders/distributors of paraquat TK

- World producers/traders/distributors of paraquat formulations

- World producers/traders of pyridine

- Investors

- Security companies

What to report:

The report covers the following aspects:

-  Supply of paraquat TK and formulations (production, producer), 2009-Q1 2014

-  Price of paraquat TK and formulations, 2009-Q1 2014

-  Supply, price, import & export, demand of pyridine, 2009-Q1 2014

-  Supply and price of methyl chloride, 2009-2013

-  Technology level and R&D

-  Demand and market value of paraquat, 2009-Q1 2014

-  Consumption breakdown by crops, 2013

-  Forecast on production and demand, 2014-2018

-  Profiles of active producers of paraquat TK and pyridine

Forecast on industry:

The issues of these specific regulations in China will have a notable impact on the development of paraquat industry in China, which will make the consumption of paraquat in China completely change since 2016, but still advance the development of paraquat industry in China. Both the production and demand of paraquat in China will keep increasing stably in the coming few years, while the price may decline to some degree in the future.

Value to client:

As China’s paraquat has been playing a crucial role in the global market and its eye-catching performance under the recovering global economy will continue in the future, investment opportunities do exist in the Chinese market. With CCM’s insight into this industry, the updated report will provide much more useful information to senior executives and decision makers who are seeking for investment opportunities within the industry.

Furthermore, this report, covering the whole industrial chain of paraquat, will also provide useful information to upstream producers, as it analyzed raw material production and supply situation in details, thus bringing unexpected benefits to those players.


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