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Vitamins as essential trace elements for animal and human can only be obtained from outside. Vitamin industry started late in China, but it began to develop fast very soon. China has been the largest vitamin production and export country in the world since the beginning of the 21st century. Vitamin industry in China consists of 13 major products namely VC, VE, VA, VB series and VD. Among these vitamins, VC, VE and VA are the most important products. Feed and pharmaceutical industries are the main consumption fields of vitamins in China. With the rapid development of vitamin industry, the application field of vitamins is expanding and vitamins gain popularity in cosmetics and food industries and the consumption of vitamins had a significant growth in China in recent years.

With the rapid development of China’s feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries and the continuously rising price, more and more producers entered vitamin industry in the past ten years. When the fast growing output of vitamins exceeded the demand growth, the contrast between supply and demand began to emerge in recent three years; the market price had declined sharply at the same time. Then in 2013,domestic market prices of most vitamins were stable overall but in fact the market prices were close to the cost and some main vitamin producers reduced output or stop production for equipment overhaul. Meanwhile, market prices of some vitamins such as VD3 and inositol soared in 2013.

To clearly describe the prices of vitamins in China in 2013 and give readers some constructive opinions, CCM has obtained lots of information with diverse methods. This report presents detailed situation of vitamins prices and forecast on their trends in 2014.

How was the price change of vitamins by month in China in 2013? And what factors influence the price trends of vitamins? What are the opportunities in China’s vitamins industry?

In this report, the prices of vitamins are analyzed exhaustively in the following aspects:

Overview of vitamins in China
Price of vitamins in China in 2013 (by month)
Price trend
Price analysis
Influencing factors
Price forecast (2014)

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