China Herbicide Trade Flows Analysis

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In 2013, global trade flows of herbicides has been enhancing, especically those of glyphosate and paraquat. In China, the output of herbicides kept increasing due to the rising demand from domestic and overseas markets. China's herbicide export experienced a significant growth in 2013, mainly on account of the policies inssued this year. At present, attributable to the advantages such as high efficacy, low toxicity, broad spectrum and low dosage, herbicides are playing greatly important roles in pesticide industry and pesticide exports in China, also making a great contribution to the rapid growth of pesticide exports.

China’s situation:

At present, China is playing a greatly important role in globle herbicide trade flows, mainly for export. In 2013, China exported about 1,307 million tonnes of herbicide, mainly to South America, Asia and North America, etc.

Purpose of report:

To clearly describe China's trade flows of herbicide in global market and give some constructive opinions, CCM has collected lots of information in various ways.In this report, export situation of herbicide has been described in detail, mainly from aspects such as technical and formulations, major products, exported regions and exporters.

Applicable user:

Global herbicide manufactures who need production information of their competitors in China or want to enter China’s market

- International traders

- Purchasers of herbicide

- Production/sales managers of herbicide

- Academic institutions interested in herbicide research

- Investors who take interest in China and global’ s herbicide and its derivatives

- More…

What to report:

In this report, China herbicide trade flows has been analyzed exhaustively from the following aspects:

- Import and export situation of herbicides in China, 2012-2013;

- Import and export situation of herbicide technical and formulations in China, 2012-2013;

- Export situation of major herbicide products in China, 2012-2013;

- Export price of major herbicide products in China, 2012-2013;

- Strategy adjustments of suppliers of herbicides in China;

- Key factors for the development of herbicides in China;

- Commercial opportunities;

Forecast on trade flows:

Trade flow of herbicide in China is estimated to keep increasing in the near future. The overall export volume of herbicides is expected to continue to move upward, while export price will keep rising, especially for glyphosate and paraquat. Besides, Europe is China's most promising market of herbicides.

Value to client:

- Obtaining the latest info of herbicide concerning China's trade flows of herbicide in China more comprehensive and accurately;

- Seeing change in recent two years from technical and formulations, major products, export regions and exporters;

- Having a better understanding of the whole China's trade flow for decision making.


- Desk-based research

- Telephone interviews

Interviewees cover: key producers, key end users, traders, raw material suppliers, associations and experts, etc.

-Network search

- Data processing and presentation

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