Value Chain Analysis of China Pig Industry

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China's pig industry is the largest in the world with both output and consumption volume accounting for about half of the world total, thanks to China’s fast GDP growth, large population, and Chinese residents’ preference to pork compared with other types of meat. Despite of its large size, China’s pig industry has been self-sufficient with quite small import and export shares of live pig, pork and pork products compared with the world total. This does not give many opportunities for overseas players hoping to benefit from China’s huge pig industry. However, this situation might be changed, especially when the price competitiveness of China’s pork and pork products is getting weaker due to rising costs, and when there’s great supply fluctuation.

China’s growing economy and improvement of people’s living standard will continue to drive the increase of demand and output of pork at about 2.5% annually in the coming five years.

With an aim to uncover the profitability and the investment opportunities of each segment of the value chain and find out the market size and characteristics of each segment and their players, CCM’s study on China pig industry chain covered the following points:

- Major features of the whole industry chain

- Focus on governmental management on this industry and its bottleneck

- Geographic distribution of pig farming, pig slaughter and pork processing

- Market size of each segment of the whole industry chain

- Key features of each segment of the whole industry chain

- Types and characteristics of leading players in each segment

Based on our investigation, we also provide our recommendations to help you invest in this industry.

However, there are also other points worth further digging and follow-up study, such as

- How effective the reform of ministries by the State Council in early 2013 will be on the management improvement of China’s pig industry;

- Competitiveness analysis on different scales of pig farming, and expansion of large scale pig farming enterprises differs in major pig farming regions and opportunities for pig farming;

- How Chinese government’s phasing out of small slaughterhouses influences local big, middle and small scale slaughterhouses; their reactions and comments on these efforts and measures adopted to counteract;

- In-depth analysis of leading industry integrators, including their strategies, performances, and competitiveness in recent years.

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