Survey of Feed Pigments in China

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The feed pigment industry in China has witnessed two obvious changes in the past decades: natural products are replacing synthetic ones, and domestic players taking the place of foreign ones.

Trying to present a comprehensive understanding of this fast-growing industry, this report targets five main feed pigments (capsanthin, lutein, apo-ester, canthaxanthin and astaxanthin), presenting aspects including the overall production situation of them, the macro environment, the competition environment and the status of key players.

Generally speaking, the macro environment in China is favorable for the development of the industry, although it had tough times resulted from negative factors such as bird flu incidents. Regarding the competition environment, the competition in the industry stays at a moderate level. Producers are encountering various obstacles. Take capsanthin feed pigment for example, producers have to face the intense competition from substitute canthaxanthin feed pigment and need to deal with suppliers with strong bargaining power—these have become two biggest problems to them.

Findings in this report are CCM’s insights obtained from the in-depth research on the market accompanies with opinions from industry experts. Highlights are:

Overall production situation of the five feed pigments

SWOT analysis of two major producers

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of the five feed pigments

PEST analysis of the macro environment in China

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