2,4-D Survey in China

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Currently, large-scale 2,4-D technical producers will continue to expand their capacities to occupy more market share and remain competitive. Meanwhile, small-scale producers will be washed out during the intense market competition.

China will play a more and more important role in global 2,4-D industry. Thereinto, well-qualified producers such as Shandong Rainbow, Changzhou Wintafone and Jiangsu Huifeng will become more and more competitive thanks to their advantages in production technology and scale.

Planting of wheat, corn and soybean will remain the major application field of 2,4-D in China. With more and more labor force transferring into cities, manual weeding is being replaced by chemical weeding, so more and more herbicides will be needed in agricultural production, thus boosting the herbicide demand in domestic market, including 2,4-D.

Meanwhile, with the popularization of minimum tillage and non-tillage, chemical weeding will become even more popular. Herbicides are becoming widely accepted by farmers for agricultural weeding. With this trend, herbicides including 2,4-D will witness bright prospect in the future.

To be concluded, several factors, such as technology innovation for 2,4-D production, more sufficient raw material supply, development of non-tillage technology in agricultural production, development of GM technology in 2,4-D tolerance, etc. have provided the development space and opportunity for 2,4-D industry in China.

What's more, in spite of severe overcapacity, domestic 2,4-D industry still maintain rapid development, which will generate some commercial opportunities mostly related to technology innovation and environmental protection in the future few years, including:

- Technological development of pollutant treatment;

- R&D and promotion of environmentally friendly formulations;

- Domestic and oversea market exploration, etc.

- Increasing planting area of GM crops.

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