Production and Market of Imidacloprid in China

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Developed in the 1980s, imidacloprid has been widely applied in over 100 countries across the world now, and it has become the largest neonicotinoid insecticide worldwide in both market volume and value.

As a major supplier of imidacloprid, China has many advantages in the production of imidacloprid, including efficient production technology, sufficient raw material supply, low production cost, etc. About 50% of imidacloprid technical producers are located in Jiangsu Province. With the increasingly intense competition in the imidacloprid industry, will China's production of imidacloprid further concentrate in the future? What kind of enterprises will hold dominant positions in China's imidacloprid production?

China is a major imidacloprid export country, and over half of its imidacloprid output is exported to counties all over the world. The export value of imidacloprid in China has witnessed an increase of over 50% in 2011 compared with that in 2010. What are the reasons of this huge increase? Where are the imidacloprid products export to? Will the export market of imidacloprid in China continue enlarging in the future years? What is the trend of imidacloprid price in the future?

In China, imidacloprid is mainly used in the control of rice plant hoppers and aphids. It is mainly applied on rice, wheat, cotton, vegetables, etc. Domestic market of imidacloprid has seen a slow growth in recent years, and the market structure has some changes. What is the consumption structure on different crops and in different regions now? What will be the new growth point of imidacloprid in domestic market in the future?

This report, based on CCM International’s five-year research experiences in Chinese imidacloprid industry and its upstream sectors, dives deep into China’s imidacloprid industry to figure out the industry’s key characteristics, latest dynamics and future trends, in terms of production, R&D, pricing, export situation, consumption/demand, etc., and it can answer the above-mentioned questions and provide you a comprehensive insight of the imidacloprid industry in China.

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