Future of Probiotics Industry in China

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China’s probiotics industry has witnessed rapid development in the past few years with growth rate of about 20% by output during 2009-2011. However, it still stays on the initial development stage compared with the mature probiotics market such as Japan and Europe. With the increasing health care consciousness and conversion of consumption habit, there is still great development space in the industry in China despite some restraining factors. What strategy shall players adopt to confront the opportunities and risks? What are the investment opportunities in China’s probiotics industry? We shall find the relevant information in this report.

As known, probiotics are divided into human-use probiotics and animal-use probiotics. The production situation of the two types will be elaborated in the report. And there are many kinds of probiotics categories in probiotics industry. Main probiotics categories produced by domestic producers will also be included in the report.

In terms of consumption, its market value, has reached about USD 2.4 billion in 2011. The probiotics are mainly consumed in dairy products, dietary supplements and feed sectors. The report presents in-depth information on total consumption situation and detail consumption in main application fields at present and in the next five years.

In order to reveal the current situation of probiotics market in China, CCM has carried out deep investigation with probiotics manufacturers and consumers as well as relevant experts. Eventually, the findings are presented based on CCM's insights. The highlights are as follow:

-    Analysis on social environment of China’s probiotics industry

-    Production situation in 2009-2012 (by human-use and animal use)

-    Key producers of probiotics in China

-    Consumption volume and pattern in China (by human-use and animal-use)

-    Major end-use segments of probiotics (by human-use and animal-use)

-    SWOT analysis of China’s probiotics industry (by human-use and animal-use)

-    How to enter China’s probiotics market for foreign investors

-    Forecast on the coming five years (by human-use and animal-use as well as major end-use segments)

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