Market of Dairy Ingredients in China

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Affected by domestic melamine incident and global financial crisis, Chinese dairy ingredient industry has suffered a lot in the past two years. At present, Chinese dairy ingredient has recovered regularly since H2 2009. In 2009, SMP/WMP production and casein production respectively reduce from 1.30 million tonnes in 2007 to 1.23 million tonnes and from 15,000 tonnes to 12,333 tonnes, there are still no whey and lactose production in China. What's the detailed situation of dairy ingredient production in China? In general, there are some governmental policies and dairy industry policies to stimulate domestic dairy market recovery during this period, what are the details? What is the influence on the development of domestic dairy ingredient industry?

Raw milk is the major key factor for domestic dairy ingredient, and the international price and domestic price fluctuation are also important factors for dairy ingredient's international trade and production in China. What is the raw milk production situation in China recently? What is the latest price of domestic and foreign dairy ingredient?

As for consumption, China is the major consumption country of dairy ingredient in the world, with total apparent consumption volume of 1.46 million tonnes in 2009. Dairy ingredient is mainly consumed in UTH milk, dairy formula, and milk beverage, etc. What is the production situation of major end-use sectors in China? What is the consumption pattern of dairy ingredient in 2010?

Besides the aspects mentioned above, what other changes can be seen from 2006 to 2010? What will be the development trend of Chinese dairy ingredient industry in the future?

This report combines CCM's expertise in dairy ingredient market research; aspects as follows can be expected:

- With detailed description and smart analysis on China's dairy ingredient industry, future development trend may be predicted after reading the report.

- With introduction to capacity and output, a clear picture of competitive landscape within the industry is available, that of foreign investors in particular.

- Future forecast on China's dairy ingredient industry, by different scenarios.

- The import and export analysis of major dairy ingredients and its some end-use sectors.

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