Production and Market of Imidacloprid in China

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Imidacloprid, as the largest application amount of neonicotinoid insecticide in the world, is embracing a rapid development and becoming a hot spot in China. China records 13,620 tonnes of imidacloprid technical output in 2010, accounting for more than 50% of world's total, which is 20,000 tonnes.

Entering 2008, due to the obvious pest resistance against imidacloprid in China, domestic market of imidacloprid has seen slow growth in recent years. With notable advantages of high quality and low price, China's imidacloprid products have been largely promoted in global market. Some leading imidacloprid manufacturers, such as Jiangsu Kwin, are now positively upgrading technology with exertion, and their competitiveness is likely to be fortified in global market in the future.

This report, based on CCM's 3-year research experiences in Chinese imidacloprid industry and its upstream sectors, dives deep into China's imidacloprid industry to figure out the industry's key characteristics, latest dynamics and future trends, in terms of production, R&D, pricing, export situation, trade flow, consumption/demand, overseas market, key players' competitiveness and production cost, international collaboration etc. From a global perspective, this second edition will provide you more with CCM's primary intelligence.

Presenting penetrating insights into China's changing imidacloprid market, compared with the former edition published in 2008, this edition enhances the following parts:

- CCM's in-depth analysis into the whole development of imidacloprid industry and position of imidacloprid in Chinese insecticide industry

- Description in detail of each production route and production cost comparison of DCPD routes (the mainstream route in China) and 3-methylpyridine route (the promising route in the future)

- The newest current supply and demand situation of imidacloprid in China

- Import & export analysis of imidacloprid, including export by manufacturers, exporters, destinations, 2008-2010

- Demand for imidacloprid in China, change of share by different crops and share by regions, 2008-2010

- Forecast on the imidacloprid industry in China, 2011-2015

What can you benefit from this report?

As China's imidacloprid has been playing a crucial role in global market and its position will last and even enhance in the future, investment opportunities do exist in Chinese market. With CCM's insights in this industry, this report will help senior executives and decision-makers responsible for formulating business development strategy or seeking competitor intelligence, to better grasp investment opportunities.

Furthermore, the report, covering China's imidacloprid's whole value chain, will provide insights to most key players along this chain, such as suppliers, traders of imidacloprid raw materials, its intermediates, technical and formulation, as well as technology researchers, suppliers, etc., namely those involved in imidacloprid industry or its upstream and downstream industries, thus bringing unexpected benefits to these players.

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