Seed Treatment Survey in China

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Seed treatment industry has made remarkable progress in recent years, and shows attractive market potential in the future. China, consuming 41,277.23 tonnes agrochemicals in seed treatment with value of USD149.76 million in 2009, has become one of the largest consumption countries for seed treatment agents, though seed treatment rates for most crops are still low currently compared to foreign developed countries. With the increasing attention to seed treatment from Chinese government, seed treatment rate will certainly keep increasing in future years; meanwhile Chinese seed treatment industry will generate many new commercial opportunities.

This report aims to provide right understanding about Chinese seed treatment and to find out investment risk and business opportunities in this field. Following aspects of seed treatment are emphatically covered in this report.

- Governmental polices related to seed treatment. Such as raising direct grain subsidies, agricultural machinery subsidies, and improved varieties subsidies, enhancing environmental protection requirements, heightening industrial threshold, setting targets of raising seed treatment rate, and so on.

- Seed treatment market structure. Chemical treatment, including seed coating, seed soaking, seed dressing and seed sealing, captures over 90% market share in Chinese seed treatment industry, while market scale and commercialization level of physical treatment and biological treatment is rather low.

- Seed treatment market in major crops. Corn and wheat are the most important crops in seed treatment market, accounting for 85.67% of total seed treatment market in terms of value. And seed treatment in major production areas shows remarkable regional difference.

- Market of seed treatment agents. Seed coating is the most popular chemical treatment technology in China, constituting 83.55% China’s total seed treatment market value in 2009, while pesticides and fertilizers treating seeds capture a small market share.

- Risk assessment. Policy risk, industry competition risk, supply-demand fluctuation risk and technology risk are assessed, and proposals to avoid risk are provided in this report.

- Commercial opportunities. With the increasing market demand for seed treatment, commercial opportunities, including industry integration, supply increase of commercial coated seeds, demand growth of low-toxic and highly effective seed coating agents, and demand increase of machineries for seed coating and sowing, etc., are recommended.

This report is helpful to:

 Companies engaged in production, R&D and sales of seed coating agents, seed dressing agents, seed soaking agents, etc.

 Companies engaged in seed production, R&D and sales.

 Analysts and consultants trying to gain insight into Chinese seed treatment market.

 Governments with attention paid to Chinese seed treatment market.

 Chambers of commerce and associations regarding seed treatment.

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