The Survey of Sorbitol in Asia Pacific

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Total pages : 150
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Description of The Survey of Sorbitol in Asia Pacific

This report is finished in June 2009 with over 150 pages in length in Word Form. It is the only one and the latest one available in the world to provide a good understanding about sorbitol in Asia Pacific and to find out the business opportunities in this field.

  - 4 reasons to carry out this research

  Global movement, sorbitol production transferring from the West to Asia Pacific

  Huge market potential and opportunities in Asia Pacific

  Significant change of sorbitol consumption structure in Asia Pacific

  Asia Pacific takes large share in terms of both output and consumption

  - This report can help you understand

Which country/countries is/are the key players in supply and demand in Asia Pacific?

Which country has the most valuable market of sorbitol in Asia Pacific?

Who are dazzling sorbitol producers in Asia Pacific?

Which downstream industry is the largest consumer of sorbitol in Asia Pacific, and any differences from country to country in this region?

How does sorbitol trade go on among countries in Asia Pacific?

What are the potential opportunities and threats to sorbitol in Asia Pacific?

  - What is covered?

  Production situation of sorbitol: solid type and syrup type is considered when illustrating the output, capacity, prices, and values in details.

  Manufacturers: all active or potential producers in Asia Pacific are introduced by ownership, latest capacity and output in last year breakdown by product type: solid and syrup. Profiles of sorbitol producers are available in this report.

  Consumption and end use segments: the consumption structure is illustrated and the end use segments include Vitamin C, food, daily health products, pharmaceuticals and others.

  Import and export analysis introduces the trade situation among Asia Pacific’s countries

  Technology and raw material source supply in different countries are introduced concisely.

  Countries covered in this report: China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Korea, Australia, Pakistan, Bengal, Thailand and Singapore.

  - What are the benefits of the report?

  Provide better understanding on AP market trends with the latest 4~5 years data and 5 years future forecast, and then get a clear picture on the changing trends of production, consumption, market segments, international trade, etc. both in the whole Asia Pacific and in each country.

  Provide detailed and systematic data on every side of the AP sorbitol markets, for example, output value and value breakdown by product type in each country and each producer, etc.

  Provide competitive intelligences of producers and trade analysis based on accurate data

  Insightfully analyse the sorbitol markets in aspects of opportunities, threats, market trends, drivers and restraints, etc.

  - Strong point

This report provides you with a handbook service, comprising of comprehensive & detailed & systematic data on each side of the AP sorbitol markets and insightful analysis based on data, including:

  Production, by value and value, breakdown by product types, in each producers and each countries, change trend in the latest 4-5 years and future 5 years

  Consumption pattern, change trend in the latest 4-5 years and future 5 years

  Trade situation, by value and value, breakdown by product types, in each producers and each countries, change trend in the latest 4-5 years and future 5 years

  Producers: latest capacity and output, raw material, ownership, market share by value and volume, profiles, etc.

  End user lists,

  Overview of AP market, analysis of sorbitol market on the higher level regarding AP as a whole body on each side of the market.

  - Credibility

Scientific methodologies and varieties of data sources are adopted to ensure the credibility.

Major steps adopted to formulize this report:

  Desk research

  Telephone interviews with sorbitol producers, sorbitol traders, sorbitol consumers and sorbitol researchers through telephone

  Questionnaires were sent to many sorbitol producers to ask for their opinions

  Internet on-line chat tool adopted to communicate with traders/producers from various countries in Asia Pacific

  Import and Export analysis to demonstrate the trade situation and also help analyse the production and consumption situation

  Series of internal discussions in order to analyse the data and draw conclusions from it

  Report generation

The data collected and compiled were sourced from:

  Published articles from periodicals, magazines, journals, the third database

  Government statistics

  Primary info obtained by Tel-interviews, on-line chats, emails, questionnaires, etc.

  Comments from industrial experts

  Import and export data from custom

  CCM’s database

  Third-parties’ database

  Information from the Internet

Data from various channels has been combined and cross-checked to make this report as precise and credible as possible.

  - Who needs to subscribe this report?

Companies engaged in sorbitol

  Understand the AP sorbitol market

  Discover the potential opportunities

  Benefit from a thorough analysis on the market trends based on detailed & systematic data

Companies of starch or sweeteners

  Sorbitol can be a good choice to develop new business and help strengthen your industrial chain and product series

End users of sorbitol

  Know better the sorbitol suppliers in AP and then help screen better products and suppliers with lower cost

Researchers and consultants

  Get the latest and unique study on AP sorbitol market with lowest cost to help your research on sorbitol or other related products, such as polyols, sweeteners, etc.

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