The Paracetamol Industry in China

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Paracetamol, which takes the most important position among NSAIDs, has kept growing worldwide in recent years. China, the export-oriented paracetamol producer, has witnessed fast expanding capacity and output from 1998 to 2007.

China's fast capacity and output is largely attributed to its export, which consitutes more than 60% of China's total output. As one of main paracetamol manufacturers in the world, China's paracetamol export has constituted 30%-40% of the world total consumption. China's export volume has maintained fast growth in recent years.

However, with Chinese goverment's lowering the export tax rebate of paracetamol in 2007, China's paracetamol exported has been affected, with little growth of the export volume in 2008 than that in 2006. With the fluctuating crude oil prices and the global financial crisis, what has happened and will happen to China's paracetamol export in 2008?

To further penetrate into the industry, especially the future situation, CCM has produced a report of The Paracetamol Industry in China, which will provide you with the answers to the following questions:

What is the situation of NSAIDs and the position of paracetamol in NSAIDs now in China?

What is the current situation and trends of paracetamol production in China?

How has China's paracetamol import and export changed in the past years, especially in 2007 and Jan-Aug 2008?

Is the consumption of paracetamol growing in China?

What is the future of paracetamol industry in China till 2015?

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