The Future of Carbon Black in China

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Carbon Black is an important industrial chemical that is widely applied to industries of rubber , plastics, coating, ink, battery, etc. Among these areas, rubber industry is the most important area, consuming around 90% of the world's total carbon black.

In recent years, Chinese carbon black industry has developed very quickly. In the past five years (from 2003 to 2007), Chinese carbon black output soared with CAGR of 23.32%. At the same time, Chinese carbon black production capacity has also sharply mainly due to the quick expansion of many carbon black manufacturers. During this period, carbon black import in China decreased with CAGR of 5.08%, while the export increased with CAGR of 26.55%.

What is the production situation of carbon black in China? Where does the competitiveness of Chinese carbon black manufacturers lies? What are the reasons behind the increasing output? Which factors are driving the export of Chinese carbon black to grow? This report will disclose the answers to them and provide in-depth analysis.

Car industry consumes almost 80% of the total carbon black output in the world. Although the development of car industry in U.S.A. and EU has slowed down, car industry is booming in Asia. What is the prospect of Chinese car industry? And how does car industry influence Chinese carbon black industry? This is also one of the main parts in this report. By reading the report, you will also get a clear carbon black consumption picture in China.

On the other hand, the world market leaders of carbon black have been attaching great importance to the processing technology of carbon black. Every year, they spend huge funds improving their technology of carbon black production. So what is the technology situation of carbon black in China? What kind of progress has been made in Chinese carbon black technology? This report also leads you to the technological world of Chinese carbon black.

The global demand of carbon black is estimated to grow at CAGR of 4.2% from 2008 to 2012. This report conducts forecast on China's future production of carbon black, including both quantitative forecasts and qualitative forecasts for the coming five years. Furthermore, top 40 manufacturers of carbon black in China are also profiled in this report.

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