Zhuhai Lee & Man's fluoroethylene carbonate project

Publish time: 31st May, 2024      Source: CCM
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Summary: The Zhuhai Bureau of Ecology and Environment approved and released the EIS for Zhuhai Lee & Man's FEC project in early May.   


    The 3,000 t/a fluoroethylene carbonate (FEC) & ancillary work technical reform project of Zhuhai Lee & Man Materials Science Co., Ltd. (Zhuhai Lee & Man) was accepted and published by the Zhuhai Bureau of Ecology and Environment. The project is based on a two-stage, 2,530 t/a fluorine-containing new material project by Zhuhai Lee & Man. The first phase's production capacity was completed for FEC (1,000 t/a), Di-Fluoro ethylene carbonate (DFEC; 135 t/a), and other products; the second phase was not yet built and was later discontinued by Zhuhai Lee & Man. According to the revised plan, the company's original 2,350 t/a fluorine-containing new material project (phase II) will house a 3,000 t/a FEC technical reform project, requiring an investment of USD28.17 million (RMB200 million)   




    Highlights of the 3,000 t/a FEC& ancillary work technical reform project are indicated as follows:   

  •     Construction cycle: two phases   
  •     Production capacity after completion of construction: 336.13 t/a of VC and 3,000 t/a of FEC   
  •     Phase I:   
  •     Construction works: to build a 1,500 t/a FEC production unit, and dismantle the existing DFEC device to construct a 120 t/a vinylene carbonate (VC) production unit   
  •     Estimated production schedule: June 2024   
  •     Phase II:   
  •     Construction works: to build 1,500 t/a FEC and 120 t/a VC production units   
  •     Estimated production schedule: June 2025   



        Established in Sept. 2017, Zhuhai Lee & Man is principally engaged in FEC production and R&D. It belongs to Lee & Man Chemical Co., Ltd. (Lee & Man Chemical) as a holding subsidiary.   




        Lee & Man Chemical focuses on the R&D of chlorine chemicals, fluorine chemicals, and high polymer materials. In 2020, the enterprise built a Li-ion battery electrolyte & related additive material project in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province.   




        Thanks to their technological advantages, an increasing number of chemical companies have entered the Li-ion battery material market in recent years. For instance, Do-Fluoride New Materials Co., Ltd. now primarily produces LiPF6 instead of cryolite, aluminium fluoride, and other items. Leading refrigerant manufacturer Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd. has also been working on a LiPF6 project.   



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