Two lithium battery material projects to be built in Quzhou City

Publish time: 5th June, 2022      Source: CCM
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  Summary: China Kings Resources's 10,000 t/a LiFSI project, Zhejiang Yanyi's 10,000 t/a LiPF6 solution and 150,000 t/a electrolyte projects are contracted to be built in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province.


    On 5 May, Quzhou City's major projects were contracted. They include:   




    China Kings Resources Group Co., Ltd. (China Kings Resources)'s 10,000 t/a lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide (LiFSI) project   


    With a total investment of USD152.27 million (RMB1 billion), the project of building 10,000 t/a LiFSI production devices and supporting projects is an significant step for China Kings Resources to develop its lithium battery and new energy industrial chain.   




    On 13 Oct., 2021, China Kings Resources announced that it signed the Project Investment Agreement with the Management Committee of Jiangshan Economic Development Zone in Zhejiang Province (Jiangshan City is subordinate to Quzhou City), and planned to invest about USD236.02 million (RMB1.55 billion) in building 25,000 t/a fluorine-containing lithium battery new energy materials and 80,000 t/a supporting fluorite projects. The whole project is to be completed through three phases: the first phase includes 6,000 t/a lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) project and 80,000 t/a mining and selection projects of fluorite concentrate; the second phase includes 9,000 t/a LiPF6 project; and the third phase consists of 10,000 t/a LiPF6 and LiFSI, and a research and development center project. At present, the first phase project of 6,000 t/a LiPF6 is under construction, and is expected to take trial production by the end of 2022.   




    Zhejiang Yanyi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Yanyi)'s LiPF6 solution and electrolyte project   


    With an investment of USD201.00 million (RMB1.32 billion), the company plans to build production lines of 100,000 t/a LiPF6 solution and 150,000 t/a electrolyte, which co-produces sulfuric acid.   




    Zhejiang Yanyi invested USD232.98 million (RMB1.53 billion) in the first phase of its project in Jiangshan City. The products of the first phase are special water-based binders and electrolyte additives for lithium battery materials, which have been put into production in Aug. 2021 and are mainly provided for Panasonic, Galaxy, CATL, BYD and other lithium battery giants. The second phase will build a new 15,000 t/a lithium salt project (5,000 t/a LiPF6, 10,000 t/a LiFSI), 100,000 t/a LiPF6 solution and 150,000 t/a electrolyte projects. Among them, the 15,000 t/a new lithium salt project is under construction.   



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