Zhejiang Wynca expediting expansion of silicone and agrochemical sector in 2021

Publish time: 8th December, 2021      Source: CCM
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    Summary: Since 2021, Zhejiang Wynca has been expediting the expansion of its silicone sector and agrochemical sector, mainly by establishing partnerships with other companies and investing in relevant entities. On 6 Nov., Leshan Silicon Material, a newly-established JV that Zhejiang Wynca invests in, finished the registration procedure. Following the Strategic Cooperation Agreement that was jointly signed by Zhejiang Wynca, Huapont, and Nutrichem Biotechnology on 9 June, this is another move made by Zhejiang Wynca, to promote new cooperation with players in the silicone industry, by receiving shares that were transferred by its partners.   


    On 6 Nov., 2021, Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Wynca) announced that Leshan Silicon Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Leshan Silicon Material), a newly-established company that Zhejiang Wynca invests in, has finished the registration procedure and acquired the business license issued by the authority of Leshan City. According to the registration information, Leshan Silicon Material is located in No.8, Shizi St., Jinsu Town, Wutongqiao District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, and engages in the sales of non-metallic minerals and related products.   




    Reportedly, Leshan Silicon Material is a joint venture (JV) established by Zhejiang Wynca and Leshan Xiexin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Leshan Xiexin). The new JV will take charge of the 100,000 t/a industrial silica fume processing project (Phase I), whose plan details could be changed and be subject to the construction progress of Leshan Xiexin's granular silicon project. Currently, Leshan Silicon Material is carrying out preparation work of the project, including tender, auction and listing of the land. The construction work will start once all the procedures are finished. The construction period of the Phase I project is set at 10–12 months. This will surely help expand Zhejiang Wynca's silicone sector.   




    Since 2021, Zhejiang Wynca has been notably putting its focus on expanding its business by reaching cooperation and investing in relevant entities. The main business of Zhejiang Wynca lies in silicone and agrochemicals. As for its agrochemical sector, Zhejiang Wynca mainly engages in the popular pesticide products like glyphosate and diuron. In order to expand its agrochemical product mix and develop its business in niche pesticide products, Zhejiang Wynca made another move to reach new cooperation by receiving shares that were transferred by its partners, following the Strategic Cooperation Agreement that it signed with Huapont Life Sciences Co., Ltd. (Huapont) and Beijing Nutrichem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Nutrichem Biotechnology) on 9 June. Zhejiang Wynca's goal to optimise its agrochemical product mix can therefore be achieved, which is enabled by Nutrichem Biotechnology's advantage in niche pesticide products and the selective herbicide products introduced by Hefei Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd., a pesticide manufacturer previously bought by Zhejiang Wynca. Additionally, Zhejiang Wynca can also benefit from Nutrichem Biotechnology's stable partnerships with multinational enterprises engaging in plant protection products.   





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