International Workshop on IMO Fisheries-related Conventions held in Shanghai

Publish time: 2nd August, 2019      Source: Information Office, MARA
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The International Workshop on IMO Fisheries-related Conventions was held in Shanghai on July 29 -30, 2019.


The Workshop focused on China's possible ratification and implementation of the Cape Town Agreement (CTA) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), ship Identification Number Scheme and safety of fishing vessels, elimination of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, FAO's global record of fishing vessel, IT application in fishing vessel management in China and fulfilling obligations under  international treaties. The Chinese participants had an in-depth exchanges on strengthening cooperation on fishing vessel management with representatives from the IMO and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and consensus was reached on safe fishing operation and coordination.


Chinese representative noted in his speech that China, as the country with the largest number of fishing vessels and fishermen in the world, attaches greater importance to the safety of fishermen's lives and property and will continue improving fishing safety and related laws and regulations. Due to the different stages in fishery development for different countries, the implementation of the international conventions appears less sound. China has also actively taken part in and promoted the formulation and revision of fishery-related international conventions, and will pursue safe and sustainable development of the global fisheries.


The Workshop served as a productive dialogue on fishing vessel management between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the IMO and the FAO, promoting fishing safety and China's greater engagement in the formulation, revision and implementation of fishery-related international conventions. 


The Workshop was attended by over 40 participants from the Bureau of Fisheries of the MARA, Ministry of Transport, China Classification Society, China Overseas Fisheries Association, Shanghai Ocean University and representatives from the IMO, FAO and others.