China, World Bank ink MOUs for strategic agricultural cooperation

Publish time: 30th September, 2017      Source: Information Office, MOA
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The MOA signed two MOUs with the World Bank (WB) and other stakeholders to strength strategic agricultural cooperation at the 3rd Investing in Africa Forum (IAF).


 Taking "Leapfrogging through Innovation' as the theme, this year's IAF was held in Dakar, Senegal during 25-27 Sept. 2017.


The MOA, the Ministry of Finance of China and the WB signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Strengthening Strategic Cooperation in Agriculture. The memorandum of understanding on implementing agricultural cooperation in Senegal was also signed among the MOA, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment of Senegal, China Development Bank and the WB.


Under the MOUs, the MOA and the WB shall cooperate closely to secure global food security and promote sustainable agricultural development by sharing China's experience in agricultural development with other developing countries. The signing of the two MOUs marks important transformations and breakthroughs in agricultural cooperation between the MOA and the WB, enriching modes of South-South Cooperation and tripartite cooperation in agriculture and opening new channels of agricultural cooperation with multilateral financial agencies.