Veterinary officials, scholars advocate strengthening capacity building in epidemiology in Asia and the Pacific

Publish time: 30th September, 2017      Source: Bureau of Animal Health, MOA
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The International Seminar of Veterinary Epidemiology Development was jointly held by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Bureau of Animal Health of the MOA and China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center (CAHEC) in Qingdao on 26-28 Sept. 2017.


The Seminar highly recognized the supporting role of veterinary epidemiology in decision-making of animal disease control and identified the priorities for the next two years in Asia and the Pacific. The Seminar called upon countries in the region to strengthen communication between decision-makers and epidemiologists, further develop potential resources for technology innovation, hands-on training and robust regional network, and promote sustainable capacity building in veterinary epidemiology, so as to boost transboundary animal disease control within the framework of One Health.


The Seminar highly commended China's efforts and achievements in veterinary epidemiology and urged the CAHEC to play a leading role in capacity building in the region.


Over 50 participants attended the Seminar, including veterinary officials and scholars from the FAO and 14 countries in Asia and the Pacific.