State Council issues territorial planning (2016-2030)

Publish time: 6th February, 2017      Source:
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The State Council has published a territorial planning document, including general plans on the spatial development of land and marine territories, and resources and environmental protection lasting from 2016 to 2030.


The plan was released amid growing difficulties China is facing in developing and protecting resources. In recent years, China's dependence on foreign major resources has been climbing, which is risky as the world's economic structure is changing.


At the same time, the ecological environment has seen more challenges, including a continued decline in water quality in some regions, air and land pollution, serious degeneration in ecosystem structure and function and frequent geologic hazards.


With the fast development of urbanization, the mismatch between economic layout and population and resources is popping out, and agricultural land and ecological land are disappearing, according to the plan.


The detailed planning is aimed at improving the spatial layout of the country's territories, with coordinated development between urban and rural areas, matured infrastructure facilities and sustainable development mode. It is also dedicated to enhancing the country's capability in developing and protecting marine territories, in an effort to strengthen national security.


Starting from 2015, the plan explores an overall system of developing and protecting territories by 2030.