MOA Agricultural Informationization & Standardization Technical Committee created

Publish time: 9th December, 2016      Source: MOA Information Office
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Vice Minister Qu Dongyu inaugurated the Technical Committee on Agricultural Informationization & Standardization and addressed its first meeting on Dec. 08, 2016.


In his address, Vice Minister Qu pointed out that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to informationization and standardization work. Standardization in agricultural informationization is a pressing task under current situation. MOA has rich experience in standardization work, but agricultural informationization is still something new. Systematic study is needed for the formulation and improvement of relevant standards. It is imperative to establish and optimize a standard system in this regard as early as possible.



Vice Minister Qu underlined that standardization is the foundation and guarantee for the rapid and sound development of agricultural informationization. To this end, he noted that due consideration should be given to the characteristics of agricultural informationization, agricultural sector and rural community. We need to conduct careful and systematic study on the differences between urban and rural areas in application of information technology. The Technical Committee on Agricultural Informationization & Standardization shall play a guiding role and encourage businesses, local authorities and the industry in promoting standardization work.


Standardization of agricultural informationization based on coherent standards rules, will effectively lower the cost and significantly enhance the efficiency of agricultural information resources development and application, facilitating information connectivity and sharing.


Vice Minister Qu called for more targeted efforts with both historical and long-term perspectives. The Committee is expected to deliver its core missions, and respond to the requirements of agricultural informationization in various areas covering production, operation, management and services. Local agricultural authorities should conduct the work according to their actual conditions. Agricultural informationization standardization efforts must serve the interests of farmers, agriculture and rural areas, offering guidance and regulation to various market players willing to invest in the agricultural sector in promoting agricultural informationization.


Priorities should be given to the following aspects: 1) formulate sound standards for information technology, including the material and non-material technologies; 2) study information technology from the perspective of standard; 3) formulate sound standards for the management of agricultural informationization.


The meeting deliberated and approved the Constitution of the Technical Committee on Agricultural Informationization & Standardization, the Rules of Procedure of its secretariat, and the Framework Standard System on Agricultural Informationization, etc.