Czech science/tech head sees new level in China-Czech relations

Publish time: 31st March, 2016      Source: China Daily
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Jaromir Volf,chairman of the Czech Republic's Science and Technology Association


The chairman of the Czech Republic's Science and Technology Association said President Xi Jinping's visit to the country will bring bilateral relations to a far-reaching level, and cover such areas as business, trade, investment and personnel exchanges.


"This is the most important political event between our two states," Jaromir Volf told China Daily in Prague prior to Xi's visit.


Volf said that the agreements to be signed during Xi's visit will be implemented by China's State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and his association. He said he met with SAFEA officials in November to discuss the personnel exchanges and cooperative agreements.


The Czech Association for Science and Technology is an independent legal entity of 67 technical and industrial associations with nearly 100,000 members and serves as an important channel for the Czech government to communicate with technical staff.


"We have such a big database and we are ready to cooperate with the Chinese government to select proper experts China needs," said Volf.


Volf said he has visited China three times. "I am starting to work and commute between China and Czech frequently and spot experts for both sides," he said.


Volf, an engineer, said he will start to work in Shandong province soon under a five-year contract already signed. "I am very excited to work as a bridge builder to deepen mutual cooperation," he said.


Volf said every time he receives a Chinese delegation they have shown great interest in working with Czech experts, especially in agriculture and technical areas. In agriculture, he said the Czech Republic is competitive in planting wheat and corn and brewing beer.


"China has already shown interests in this area," he said.


He also cited other areas where he said the Czech Republic is strong, including mechanical technologies, automation and electronics. "We are ready to cooperate with China in those areas if China offers requests," said Volf.


Volf said China is very competitive in science and technology. "The level of science and technology is very high and we have the possibility of delivering two-way exchanges," he said.