CCM: China’s export volume of imidacloprid technical up 0.75 percent year on year in 2015

Publish time: 28th June, 2016      Source: CCM
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    In 2015, China's pesticide market was depressed and prices of many kinds of pesticides kept falling under the influence of the depressed market conditions.



   Imidacloprid, as one of the leading insecticides in China, has always been playing an important role in China's exports of pesticides. Then, under such depressed market conditions, how imidacloprid technical performed in 2015?

According to data from General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (China Customs) and CCM's analysis on imports and exports data, China exported 10,219.52 tonnes of imidacloprid technical, basically the same as that in 2014, only increased slightly by 0.75% year on year.


  Out of them, export volume of 97% imidacloprid technical reached 6,301.87 tonnes, up by 0.23% year on year and accounting for 61.67% of the total export volume of imidacloprid technical; export volume of 95% imidacloprid technical hit 3,634.35 tonnes, increasing significantly by 66.39% year on year and accounting for 35.56% of the total. Yet, export volume of 96% imidacloprid technical dropped dramatically by 83.06% year on year to only 283.30 tonnes, making China's total export volume of imidacloprid technical essentially the same as that in 2014.

However, China's export value of imidacloprid technical collapsed in spite of the export volume remained quite stable. Nevertheless, it is the dropping export price that boosted the export volume. After all, low price can attract purchasers to purchase or stockpile more goods.

According to data from China Customs, China's average export price of imidacloprid technical in 2015 was USD15.98/t, declining by 25.48% year on year. Specifically, the average export price of 97% imidacloprid technical that China exported the most was USD16.91/kg, dropping by 24.74% year on year; that of 95% imidacloprid technical was USD14.48/t, down by 25.48% year on year and that for 96% imidacloprid technical dropped most significantly by 33.24% year on year to USD14.50/kg.

In 2015, among the top five imidacloprid technical manufacturers (by export volume), only one had falling export volume. However, the average export prices of imidacloprid technical of these top five manufacturers all dropped significantly with YoY decrease rates all surpassed 20%.

As for export destinations, China's exported imidacloprid technical to 56 countries and regions in 2015, with Brazil (up by 12.56% year on year), India (up by 58.92% year on year) and the US (up by 35.04% year on year) as the top three.

As a whole, export destinations of imidacloprid technical were quite concentrated. Export volume to these top three destinations reached 5,158.97 tonnes, accounting for 50.48% of the total.

                                    China's exports of imidacloprid technical, 2015

  CCM import export market data_China's exports of imidacloprid technical, 2015
                                                     Source: CCM & China Customs

China's top five imidacloprid technical exporters by export volume, 2015




          Export volume, tonne         


          YoY change         


          Average export price, USD/kg         


          YoY change         


          Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd.         










          Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd.         










          Hebei Yetian Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.         










          Jiangsu Kwin Group Co., Ltd.         










          Shandong Qilin Agrochemical Co., Ltd.         










  Source: CCM & China Customs




   China's top 10 imidacloprid technical export destinations, 2015




          Export destination         


          Export volume, tonne         


          YoY change         


          Average export price, USD/kg         


          YoY change         




























          The US         






























































































  Source: CCM & China Customs


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