Inner Mongolia International Dairy Expo

Publish time: 30th March, 2016      Source: China Daily
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Inner Mongolia International Dairy Expo

DATE:2016-03-30           SOURCE:China Daily

At the 10th Inner Mongolia International Dairy Expo, on March 26-28, at the Inner Mongolia international convention and exhibition center, in the city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, there was an exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, with 246 exhibitors covering environmental protection, breeding, feed, dairy machinery and dairy products with the latest technology.


The show, whose sponsors were the regional dairy association and animal improvement office, included around two-dozen experts and guests from China and abroad who spoke about "integration, innovation, and development" in the dairy industry, as well as related Chinese policy, current difficulties and defenses, current developments and planning, and use of the "Internet plus".


The forum attracted more than 500 ranch and dairy representatives from across the country and had Gu Jicheng, the secretary of the Chinese dairy association, addressing the gathering and saying that the Dairy Expo is the most influential expo of its kind in China and, in its 10-year history it has witnessed the development of the dairy industry in Inner Mongolia, and has played a positive role in promoting the healthy development of China''s dairy industry.


Bu Ren, the chairman of the Inner Mongolia dairy association, told the gathering that, under the 13th Five-year plan, the region will follow a "steady, changing, and adjusting" pattern with the focus on improving the quality of cattle and yields and the optimal adjustment of planting to modernize the region's dairy industry.


One of the exhibitors, Yin Feifei, said that over the past two years, the domestic dairy industry has encountered some difficulties that reminded farmers of the costs and the need to make a greater effort in improving quality.