CCM: NBDG launches rose & aloe flavoured yoghurt

Publish time: 24th March, 2016      Source: CCM
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  On 1 March, NBDG launched a rose & aloe flavoured yoghurt onto the market. However, in view of its sales channels, it is foreseeable that it cannot make waves in the market.


  On 1 March, Ningbo Dairy Group Co., Ltd. (NBDG) launched a new product, rose & aloe flavoured yoghurt under the Yoyou brand.

In its marketing 3 points are highlighted:

  •       Milk sourced from the Hangzhou Bay ecological   dairy farm's herd of Australian cows. The milk's CFU (= colony-forming   units) does not surpass 50,000/ml in general, and the milk's protein   content is up to 3.2%     
  •       Strains from DSM N.V., including 5 live flora   such as lactobacillus bifidus and lactobacillus casei, to balance the   human gastrointestinal flora     
  •       Addition of rose and aloe to enrich the taste and   to help the consumer to stay in shape     

NBDG is mainly involved in dairy farming, liquid dairy (raw milk processing capacity: 200 t/d) and technology import/export. Its dairy products comprise fresh milk, sterilised milk, modified milk and fermented milk. It is known for its home delivery service, covering half of Zhejiang Province. "Every day we offer a delivery service to over 700,000 families,' is the claim on its official website.




  However, in view of its sales channels, CCM predicts that this new product will not make waves in the yoghurt segment from a national perspective.

There are some positives certainly. The product is positioned low/mid-market, priced at USD0.7/220 g (RMB4.6, USD0.3/100 ml), compared with:

  •       Mengniu big fruit grain yoghurt (yellow peach +   aloe): USD1.4/260 g (RMB8.9, USD0.5/100 ml)     
  •       Yili big fruit grain yoghurt (aloe): USD0.9/180 g   (RMB5.9, USD0.5/100 ml)     
  •       Bright Dairy yoghurt (aloe): USD2.6/450 g   (RMB16.9, USD0.6/100 ml)     

Consumer demand for new yoghurt varieties has led to many aloe and rose yoghurts being launched, however few combine the 2 ingredients. "It is targeted at office workers, consumers looking for more regular eating patterns and female, serving as a meal replacement' comments manager Chen from NBDG.

However, the product's prospects rest on its being marketed in home delivery instead of E- commerce platforms, a serious constraint if scale is to be achieved. Unlike Mengniu, Yili and Bright Dairy, NBDG is focusing on fresh products marketed in its immediate vicinity, mainly Ningbo City and the surrounding areas. Home delivery should deliver results up to a point, but with no efforts in supermarkets and stores, or online, national success is not a possibility.

In reality the company lacks the funds and market influence to compete on a wider level – and the problem is exacerbated as it has to resort to low-pricing to build a presence. Inevitably, when larger dairy companies launch similar products, its sales will be hit significantly.


  NBDG's Yoyou rose & aloe flavoured yoghurt


  Source: Ningbo Dairy Group Co., Ltd.





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