Novel pesticides: pioneers among Chinese pesticide market

Publish time: 14th January, 2016      Source: CCM
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  Despite the disappointing pesticide market and slower growth in China, novel pesticides are achieving fast growth. CCM believes that phenamacril, dufulin, thiediazole copper, zinc thiazole are key examples.



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  The Chinese pesticide market is struggling. However, novel pesticides are achieving fast growth and are defying the situation of having a small amount of consumers despite being a good product because enterprises have increased inputs into R&D, registration, and the marketing of the novel pesticides. Some novel pesticides hold leading positions in the pesticide market, and are sustaining extraordinary performances in sales and product recognition.



  Phenamacril is a new cyanoacrylate fungicide, which is developed by Jiangsu Pesticide Research Institute Co., Ltd. It has high efficiency, very low toxicity, low residue and environmentally friendliness. After three years of promotion and application, phenamacril sales are the highest of the novel pesticides in China. It plays a vital role in controlling epidemic diseases like wheat scab and rice bakanae disease. Myosin is a new highly selective pesticide target and does well in regulating chemosensitivity, a new discovery guiding the rapid development of the new generation of novel pesticides.



  Li Weiguo, Chairman of Guangxi Tianyuan Biochemistry Co., Ltd. (Guangxi Tianyuan), stated that there is a new project for the R&D of new pesticide which involves Guangxi Tianyuan, Guizhou University, the National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center (NATESC), Guangxi Plant Protection Station, Guizhou Plant Protection Station and Yunan Plant Protection Station. The project is subsided by the National 973 Program and the National Science Technology Program.



  Guangxi Tianyuan developed a new structural biomimetic pesticide-dufulin, guided by an active ingredient phosphoramidic acid extracted from sheep body. This novel pesticide is used to prevent and control plant viruses. It has achieved industrialized production.



  The company has adopted a new strategy for preventing and controlling rice virus diseases for the entire growth period and has also established a new pest and disease prevention technology service system. This technology is applied on nearly 3.17 million ha (47.55 million mu) accumulatively nationwide, generating an income of nearly USD757.35 million (RMB4.85 billion). At present, new combined virus diseases prevention and control technologies dominated by dufulin have been widely applied in 11 southern rice black streak dwarf prevention and control demonstration areas, with the average prevention rate as high as 70%.



  Zhejiang Longwan Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Longwan Chemicals) focuses on crop bacterial diseases and is expanding their registrations of thiediazole copper for various crops and diseases. For over a decade, the company has increased their formal registrations of thiediazole copper for 9 crops and 12 bacterial diseases. It achieved the "one certificate, various crops & diseases and intensive cultivation" expanded registration mode, which is new amongst pesticide registrations.



  Xiongoing Xingping, Vice Chairman of Longwan Chemicals, introduced that pesticide for combating bacterial diseases, which is a market that is regarded as a future growth point for China's pesticide industry. There is a short supply of pesticides for this market. In 2015, thiediazole copper, a start product of Longwan Chemicals, generated USD5.47 million (RMB35 million) sales, up by 20% YoY. Among 40 domestic novel pesticides, thiediazole copper is a registered pesticide for preventing and controlling the most diseases. It is predicted that its registrations will be expanded to 20 bacterial diseases, and thiediazole copper will become a leader in the domestic market.



  Previously, Longwan Chemicals attended the 13th International Conference on Plant Pathogenic Bacteria in June 2014. Thiediazole copper, a new chemical compound to fight bacterial diseases, was in focus. Experts and scholars from Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, India, South America, Africa and other countries asked for information about disease-control for thiediazole copper. Some of them hoped to carry out field trials, demonstrations, registrations, promotions and sales of thiediazole copper in their countries. Field trials application technologies of thiediazole copper on bacterial diseases are further strengthened. 



  Zinc thiazole, a successful example in the prevention and control of bacterial diseases, is developed by Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Xinnong). In 2014, this product hit the market and had a great reception from the market. In 2015, its sales grew by 30%. Zhejiang Xinnong explained that the zinc thiazole development strategy concentrates on bacterial diseases, crops and targets, and that it devoted to intensive research in the prevention and control bacterial diseases. The company strives for its products to become the leading brand in this field.



  Fan Quncheng, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Xinnong, noted that the increasing occurrence areas of bacterial diseases, the withdrawal of streptomycin and the decreasing market share of copper products create huge opportunities for zinc thiazole. As a benchmark product among Chinese novel chemical compounds, zinc thiazole will become more lucrative.




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