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  China's paraquat manufacturers and customers hope to save paraquat in Chinese market, according to CCM. At present, the registration on substitutes for paraquat AS is suspended and it still remains unclear whether it will be reopened in the future. Nevertheless, both paraquat manufacturers and research institutions continue support the industry development.





  China's paraquat manufacturers and customers all hope to save paraquat in Chinese market. However, whether the suspended registration on the substitutes for paraquat AS will be reopened in the future still remains unclear. It is certain that enterprises are making efforts on safety production and usage of paraquat, which is also a solid foothold determining the further development of paraquat industry.

Paraquat manufacturers

Nanjing Redsun Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Redsun)'s 20% paraquat GW is one of the substitute for paraquat AS that first obtained production approval in China. Liu Kuitao, manager of the company introduced that 20% paraquat GW is of simple production technique and its production device is similar to that of paraquat AS. It can completely achieve large-scale production and clean production. Currently, Nanjin Redsun has production device for paraquat GW, capacity given at 6,000 t/a and it is building two sets of processing devices with high capacity and two automatic sub-assembly lines which are more efficient. After being put into production in 2016, 20,000 t/a of paraquat GW capacity will be increased. Meantime, since 2016, Nanjing Redsun will start to use a kind of new-generation push rod-type hose as the bottle especially for paraquat GW. Mr. Liu also said, it is hard to open up the market by paraquat GW unless paraquat AS is completely banned. And the recycling and disposal of packaging wastes also increase the cost, reducing the competitive advantage of product.

Shandong Luba Chemical Co., Ltd. (Shandong Luba) has completed the construction of 1,600 t/a 50% paraquat SG production equipment and new product will be launched on the market in 2016. Zhao Yan, president of Shandong Luba stated that the use-cost of glufosinate-ammonium is 5.5 times that of paraquat now, and that of diquat is 3.2 times that of paraquat. Regarding the investment cost, that of glufosinate-ammonium and that of diquat are 7 and 2 times that of paraquat respectively. Paraquat still enjoys obvious market advantage for the moment.

Nanjing Gaozheng Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Gaozheng)'s paraquat WG obtained national patent in 2014. At present, the company is one of the five enterprises that obtaining production license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. Now, Nanjing Gaozheng introduces the most advanced spray drying granulation technology in the world with an investment of USD1.90 million (RMB12 million). The technical equipment can output 1,000 tonnes paraquat WG annually, which is fully closed, automated and can produce granules with strong intensity in a cleaner way. Also, the diameter of granules can be controlled. Wang Maoqin, president of Nanjing Gaozheng disclosed that the equipment is applicable to liquid spray granulation of all pesticides besides paraquat.

Syngenta (China) Investment Company sets up online platform to propagate related information of paraquat, in order to objectively, reasonably and fairly show the true nature of paraquat. Jiang Daiqing, manager of crop program of the company introduced that as of Sept. 2015, near 90 countries/regions registered and sold paraquat in the world, including some agricultural markets with strict system of laws and regulations like the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Some countries had banned the usage of paraquat, but they resume the consumption due to the need of agricultural production. About 75 million growers out of 500 million in the world are using paraquat.



  Research institutions

Shandong Pesticide Research Institute (SPRI) enjoys unique experience in the R&D and production of paraquat SG. At present, it successfully produces dust-free paraquat SG that meets the requirements of commercialization through the technique of melt spray cooling crystallization granulation. SPRI obtained 4 national patents on this achievement and applies for international patent. Li Dejun, director of the SPRI and is honored as Farther of Paraquat said that the cost of producing paraquat SG is basically equal to that of producing paraquat AS. "The cost of producing 50% paraquat SG is USD5,588.72/t (RMB35,295/t) and that of producing 18.5% paraquat dichloride AS is USD2,150.14/t (RMB13,579/t). USD11,177.44 (RMB70,590) is needed to produce one tonne of paraquat SG (converted into 100% AI) , and the cost is USD11,622.38 (RMB73,400) when producing one tonne of paraquat AS (converted into 100% AI). Paraquat SG slightly enjoys cost advantage.' Mr. Li added.

Wang Haishi, Chief Physician of Shandong Province-owned Hospital gave latest data of paraquat poisoning rescue to answer that paraquat has been criticized by people for no antidote. Wang Haishi revealed that the average successful rate of rescue on paraquat poisoning was less than 20%-30% ten years ago. However, in 2003-2014, the figure rose annually, being over 60% in the hospital in 2014. The successful rate has reached 50%-60% in China. It is believed that someday the successful rescue rate of paraquat poisoning will be almost the same as those of common pesticides for the deepening cognitive exploration and continuously developing new treatment technology and method on paraquat toxicology.


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