Citric Acid Trade War among China vs. EU&US

Publish time: 27th January, 2011      Source: CCM
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      In the past ten years, China's citric acid industry has faced several anti-dumping investigations, from Thailand and Ukraine in 2003, South Africa, the EU in 2007, to the US's anti-dumping and countervailing investigation in 2008, until Brazil's new application of anti-dumping investigation at the end of 2010. Because of the status of China's citric acid industry (so far it has become the largest production and export country globally), it's quite normal to see such a phenomenon that lots of trade frictions happened among China and other countries, especially the main citric acid consumption area, such as the US and the EU.




      However, according CCM's research, the EU and the US antidumping issues did not bring much negative effect on the export volume of Chinese citric acid. And even some players in this industry hold an optimistic view. Why did they do not worry about that? How does Chinese citric acid industry cope with the trade wars? How does it even realize the export volume increase in the past two years? What's the price trend of citric acid in 2011?




      CCM will show you the answers and use lots of analysis data and practically typical cases to support its views through an online webinar.




      This webinar will be held at 09:15 a.m., Central Standard Time (Chicago, GMT-06:00) on Thursday, Feb.24, 2011. Anyone who is interested in it can register on:





      Please see the latest outline of this webinar,


      -Review the anti-dumping investigations on Chinese citric acid from Brazil, EU and US


      -Effect of these anti-dumping issues on China's citric acid industry (export performance during 2007~2010)


      -Three possible methods used by China citric acid industry to cope the "double-reverse" investigation


      -Performance forecast of China's citric acid industry in 2011



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