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Publish time: 22nd July, 2011      Source: CCM
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      Guangzhou China, July 22, 2011 CCM will hold a free live webinar on imidacloprid with the topic of Chinese imidacloprid industry: where is it going on July 28, 2011. Martin Liu, CCM's professional consultant will share his point of view regarding the future trend of China's imidacloprid industry by analyzing the overview current status and barriers.




      You will learn where Chinese imidacloprid industry is going in the future through this webinar. It is estimated by Martin that the production of imidacloprid will gradually concentrate in enterprises with advanced production technology and large distribution channel. The export volume of imidacloprid is predicted to see stable growth in the future five years, while the domestic demand is to remain steady.




      Besides, you may obtain the first hand information of imidacloprid's production routes, upstream and downstream, and export situation so that you may predict the future trend more precisely when making business decisions.




      According to CCM's statistics, as of July 15, 2011, more than 30 registration applications have been received with almost all leading players registered. Current registrants include business managers, analysts, research executives, sourcing managers from more than 10 countries.




      Don't want to miss this amazing webinar? Hurry up to register, you will be surprised by the insightful idea shared by CCM's professional consultant in China's imidacloprid industry.




      The presentation will cover the following points:


      1. Current status of Chinese imidacloprid industry


          1.1 DCPD route


          1.2 Upstream and downstream analysis


             1.2.1 Raw material


             1.2.2 Consumption


          1.3 Export situation




      2. Current problems existed in Chinese imidacloprid industry


      2.1 Disorderly competition


      2.2 Over capacity


      2.3 Solution for these problems




      3. Future trend of Chinese imidacloprid industry


      3.1 Technology innovation


      3.2 Forecast on imidacloprid supply, demand and export 


      3.3 Formulation development




      We're looking forward to your participation at 18:00pm July 28, 2011. Please register from here:





      or you can also click the register button on our webpage for getting involved.




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