Plants in space: food for astronauts

Publish time: 13th May, 2015      Source: Wageningen, The Netherlands
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Plants in space: food for astronautsPlants in space: food for astronauts" title="Share this link on Facebook">Wageningen, The NetherlandsMay 13, 2015Future exploration of space requires the development of bio-generative life support systems, in particular the cultivation of plants. In addition to their contribution to the life support functions like the production of food and oxygen, CO2 reduction and the re-use of water, plant food also has a positive impact on the psychological well-being of the crew.Within the EU project EDEN ISS, Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has the task to select and grow crops in small spaces on the International Space Station (ISS). Their aim is not only to produce fresh, nutritious and delicious food for the astronauts, but to contribute to their psychological well-being as well.Healthy vegetablesFirst of all, suitable crops will have to be selected and cultivation protocols will be developed with the optimal light recipe (spectrum, photoperiod), temperature and nutrition for the growth of healthy vegetables.ColumbusThe input / output constraints of the Columbus module must be taken into account, in terms of energy, heat, mass (water, carbon dioxide and oxygen) and the requirements of semi-automated production.Following that, a mobile test laboratory will be placed at the Neumayer III Antarctic station, where a group of scientists will live and work for a year.More news from: Wageningen UniversityWebsite: http://www.wur.nlPublished: May 13, 2015The news item on this page is copyright by the organization where it originatedFair use notice