Infinite Opportunities Ahead for Paraquat Industry in China

Publish time: 3rd June, 2011      Source: CCM
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      Guangzhou China, June 2, 2011 Although domestic paraquat market in China is full of challenges, infinite opportunities lie ahead waiting for paraquat manufacturers. The third edition report of Production and Market of Paraquat in China released recently by CCM gives you in-depth analysis on the perspectives of the paraquat industry in China from different aspects.




      As a non-selective herbicide and with so many years' promotion, paraquat has witnessed fast development in the past decades in China, and it has been playing an increasingly important role in weed control of orchards, corn fields, no-tillage fields and mulberry fields in China.




      However, there are still some big challenges for Chinese paraquat industry. Lack of pyridine is one problem. As the most important raw material used to produce paraquat, pyridine is in short supply nowadays, which hinders the development of paraquat. On the other hand, because of its toxicity, paraquat is forbidden to use in many western countries, such as America, Sweden and Germany, which greatly decreases the sales volume of paraquat.




      The problems of pyridine supply and paraquat safety are the two key obstacles that influence the development of paraquat in China. However, there are still great opportunities ahead for paraquat industry, despite of the worse situation in China.




      It is reported that most paraquat (including technical and formulations) produced in China is used for export, which takes up a large proportion of the total output every year. Thailand is the largest export destination of Chinese paraquat technical by volume, followed by Indonesia and Nigeria. While Chinese paraquat formulations are mainly exported to Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, Israel, Thailand, etc.




      Since the overseas demand for paraquat is increasing rapidly in recent years, domestic paraquat manufacturers should put more effort into oversea market by improving technology and reducing the risk of paraquat toxicity so that they can enhance the global paraquat market share of herbicide.




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