Price of paraquat fell significantly by 16% month-on-month

Publish time: 6th March, 2015      Source: China Crop Protection Industry Association
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According to CCPIA monthly bulletin of statistics of China pesticides, in Jan 2015, volume weighted average (transaction) price of paraquat TK fell significantly by 16% than that of last month. Ever since Q4 2014, market of paraquat performed not very well. It's estimated that the downward trend was caused by the depressed market of pyridine, one of the main raw materials of paraquat.

With nine manufacturers operating in Jan, both output and sales volume basically kept same level with that of last month.

Before the Spring Festival, paraquat manufacturers were mostly in wait-and-see status. It's estimated that influenced by upward market, after the festival, quoted price of paraquat will keep going down. While when the using season is coming, market demand may release in a short period, which will bring up the transaction price of paraquat.