RedSun Launches “Dujiaxing” 20% Paraquat GW

Publish time: 9th January, 2015      Source: China Crop Protection Industry Association
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Recently, Nanjing RedSun Co., Ltd. held the recommendation meeting for its new product in Wuhan. Red Sun's key clients from around the country attended the meeting. At the meeting, Red Sun grandly brought forward the worlds first paraquat GW (water-soluble gel)-Dujiaxing, 20% paraquat GW which has received formal domestic registration as an alternative to the paraquat AS.

According to Announcement No.1745 jointly issued by the MOA, MIIT and the AQSIQ, all manufacturers in China have been prohibited to produce paraquat AS since 1st July, 2014; and paraquat AS will not be allowed to be sold or used in China since 1st July, 2016. It is known that Dujiaxing is the only domestic product of a new formulation type which has obtained production license, formal pesticide registration and production standard certificate. Nanjing RedSun has carried out the promotion and experiment of this alternative product.

After years' development, lab trials and pilot trials of non-AS paraquat formulations, currently the quality, recipe and process technology, use safety and other aspects of paraquat GW has reached a relatively mature level, which could meet requirements from industrial production on a large scale. Red Sun has made patent applications for non-AS paraquat formulations, auxiliaries, and packaging, etc.

Dujiaxing will soon be officially and exclusively launched into the market.