Potential Security Risk in the Wide Application of Red Phosphorus as Flame Retardants

Publish time: 12th April, 2011      Source: CCM
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      Guangzhou China April 12, 2011 - Being more stable and less reactive than white phosphorus,  red phosphorus has found several industrial and pharmaceutical uses with its low cost and abundant reserves. Besides usages in fireworks military pyrotechnic devices, semiconductors and electroluminescent coatings, the most well-known application of red phosphorus is in the manufacturing of matchboxes and in pesticides and fertilizers for better plant growth, root development, and flower and seed production. In the pharmaceutical sector, red phosphorus is used in the synthesis of methamphetamine in the treatment of obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In recent years, it is widely used in flame retardants for polymers.


      However, the modern society drove the matchboxes to the margin of the market with usage only in the countryside areas. What's more, in 2010, Panasonic refrigerator recalled Japanese household appliances whose refrigerant control valves used the red phosphorus flame retardant because in high temperature and humid environment it may cause the refrigerant control valve coil disconnected, leakage, smoke and even fire. The case brought great challenges to the application of red phosphorus flame retardant . It is a sign of beginning. Such cases will continue to take place because red phosphorus flame retardants have been widely applied in the core parts of household appliances, cell phone and computer, etc.




      After this case, Sony, Nokia and Beyond began to ban the use of red phosphorus flame retardant and make efforts to discover new alternatives.




      So, how will this influence the development of red phosphorus? What is the detailed information in China? What is the global market? What is the changes of its application? What is the future of the industry?




      All this answers are available in CCM's new report - Global Consumption of Red Phosphorus in 2010. The report starts form the introduction of overall information of phosphorus ore like reserves and exploitation and then displays the international trade and polices of red phosphorus. It mainly discusses the production, consumption, demand and end use markets of red phosphorus in major countries and makes a forecast to the next five years.



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