New feed mill opens in Georgia, US

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February 11, 2014



New feed mill opens in Georgia, US




The Minister of Agriculture of Georgia Shalva Pipia attended the opening ceremony of a large feed mill that has been recently opened in Kalinina village at the Gardabani district in the Eastern part of Georgia, US.



As reported the new enterprise will produces granulation compound feed under the special brand GEOFEED. The new feed mill will produce 40 lines of feed for livestock, poultry and fish.



According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Georgia is currently importing major part of all feed production that is consumed in the country. The company LLC Paridis, who has invested a total of US$.8 million in the new feed plant, will let the local livestock producers decrease the dependence on import. The production capacity of the mill produces is 10 tonnes of feed per hour.



For the production of feed the mill will purchase cereals from local farmers. It is reported that in the near future LLC Paridis intend to launch several other investment projects nearby.