US 2013 dairy export up 31% to US$6.7 billion

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February 14, 2014


US 2013 dairy export up 31% to US$6.7 billion


In 2013, US dairy exporters shipped record levels of milk powder, cheese, whey products, lactose and fluid milk, and gaining share among the world's leading suppliers.



Overseas sales were worth US$6.7 billion last year, up 31% from the year before. On a volume basis, exporters sold 3.91 billion pounds of milk solids, 19% more than 2012. Exports were more important to the US dairyindustry than ever, accounting for 15.5% of US milk production, a step up from the 13.1-% average achieved in 2010-12.



Among the world's top nine exporters, US share of volume of milk powder, cheese, butterfat and whey products was 19.0%, up from 16.1% the year before. US share of non-fat dry milk-skim milk powder trade among the world's top nine climbed to 31.5% versus 26.1% in 2012 and cheese trade among the world's top nine increased to 16.6% against 13.9% in 2012.