Agropur recalls Natrel milk in Canada

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October 20, 2014



Agropur recalls Natrel milk in Canada




Milk producer Agropurhas recalled Natrel milk products from the market in Canada on orders by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).



CFIA said the milkproducts, which were being sold in Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia, were withdrawn on minor spoilage problems.



The products are various types of fine-filtered skimmed milk, 1% partly skimmed milk, 2% partly skimmed milk and homogenised milk. Also included are organic fine-filtered 1% partly skimmed milk, 2% partly skimmed, and 3.8% whole milk.



The expiration dates for the milk products range from October 23 to October 31.



The food inspection agency classifies the hazard as Class 3, which "is not likely to cause any adverse health consequences", according to the Health Canada website.



Last September, Agropur withdrew Natrel products from the market after receiving consumer complaints that some of these products were past their expiration dates.



In addition, the company revealed that officials found tiny cracks in the pasteurising equipment at its plant in Quebec City, which led to a CFIA investigation.