China halts imports of Polish pork due to ASF

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February 28, 2014



China halts imports of Polish pork due to ASF




Driven by concerns over African swine fever (ASF) among wild boars, China has suspended imports of pork from Poland, the embassy of Poland to China was quoted as saying by Polish news agency IAR.



The agriculture ministry said the disease has not been found on Polish farms but pork prices have fallen in Poland because of consumer concerns that it could spread from wild boars to farmed pigs.



China's suspension of Polish pork imports was not confirmed by the ministry.



"The agriculture ministry chief has already held talks with the ambassadors of China and Japan during which he discussed all actions taken by Poland regarding ASF," a ministry spokeswoman said in a statement.



Last year China bought Polish meat worth US$141 million, of which 80% was pork, IAR said. According to the agriculture ministry, China is the biggest importer of pork from Poland.