China begins to import small amount of Brazilian corn

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May 28, 2014



China begins to import small amount of Brazilian corn




China has imported a small amount of corn from Brazil-the top exporter of soybean to China-since the purchases were officially approved on March 31st this year, according to China's ambassador Li Jinzhang.



Brazil is expected to export 20 million tonnes of corn and 44.5 million tonnes of soybeans in the 2013/14 crop year, according to estimates by the US Department of Agriculture.



"So far we are importing a very limited amount of Brazilian corn, but we are optimistic that this will grow," ambassador Li told reporters in Brasilia. "We think in the future Brazil will become one of the main suppliers of corn to China."



Shipments of corn from United States-China's main corn supplier-were curbed earlier this year after officials turned away some 1 million tonnes due to the presence of a GM strain not approved by China.



Demand for grains and oilseeds used to feed animals is increasing in China as citizens eat more protein.