China's Modern Farming wins top award for raw milk

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June 6, 2014



China's Modern Farming wins top award for raw milk



Modern Farming, China's largest raw milk producer, has been given a top international award at the annual Monde Selection: Quality Awards.



The company won the Gold Award for its raw milkat the event in Bordeaux, France.



Thousands of products are rigorously tested by an independent professional jury each year, and those that make the cut are presented with an internationally renowned quality award.



"The products are selected based on their intrinsic quality, meaning the chemical composition, the microbiological quality and the nutritional quality that is the first part. So it is obvious that they can produce products of high quality which comply with legislations...," said the jury president, Joseph Bessemans.



In the past five years, China's dairy industry has grown from being worth around US$20 billion in 2008 to US$40.6 billion dollars in 2013, but a series of milk contamination scandals since 2008 have affected China's consumer confidence in domestic dairy products.



Modern Farming, the milk-producing subsidiary of the Modern Dairy Holding Company, hopes that this international stamp of approval will send a strong message to Chinese consumers.