China's major dairy company to invest in Australia

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September 30, 2014



China's major dairy company to invest in Australia


Australia, one of the world's four biggest high-quality milk producers, has extended a welcoming hand to a major agriculture and food company based in Beijing.


With this potential collaboration undergoing, Beijing consumers will soon be able to consume imported Australian dairy and milk powder from a local dairy company.



Cost advantage is another reason for the Beijing enterprise to collaborate with Australia besides the latter's high-quality dairy produce.




According to a China dairy industry insider, Australia's dairy cows are free-range reared, feeding on plenty of natural grass and employing modern technology for the extraction of milk. Hence, the reliance on expensive feed additives and labourers are greatly reduced as compared to China's labour-intensive dairy cows rearing method.



Such collaboration in the long run will ultimately benefit the consumers in their search for better quality food produce. Moreover, with the Beijing enterprise marketing their own high-quality imported Australia dairy products such as milk and infant formula, the market price for dairy products is expected to fall, further benefiting consumers.



There has been speculation that the Beijing enterprise mentioned is Sunlon, as Sunlon is Beijing's largest agriculture and food company with dairy products being one of her major business sectors.