Poland's new environmentally friendlyfeed additivesenter China markets

Publish time: 20th October, 2014      Source: www.cnchemicals.com
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October 20, 2014



Poland's new environmentally friendly feed additivesenter China markets


Beijing Xindimei Feed Technology Co., Ltd has introduced Polish Biolek's Suiacid feed additives and Birdacid feed additives to China markets for use in developing top quality swine and poultry feed respectively.


Using modern microcapsule coating processes to develop this new generation of high-tech feed additives, the products slowly release active ingredients in the digestive tracts of swine and poultry, providing long-lasting elimination of intestinal pathogens and promoting growth of beneficial bacteria and intestinal villi. This will effectively improve the gastrointestinal tract health of the animals, promoting better digestion and absorption.



The products are also effective in reducing intestinal toxic gases generated by the animals, improving farming environment and reducing pollution, making them the ideal choice in creating environmentally friendly and sustainable animal husbandry.