China lifts ban on Fonterra milk powder

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November 3, 2014



China lifts ban on Fonterra milk powder




China has lifted its import ban on Fonterra milk powder used to make baby formula.



Fonterra Cooperative Group Limited, New Zealand's biggest dairy company, said it was advised by China's Ministry of Primary Industries last Friday that it could now bring in to China its base powder containing whey for its infant formula and Fonterra whey powder.


China imposed the ban in August last year claiming it had found a bacterial strain in some of its products that may cause botulism.


The incident, which Fonterra described as a "false alarm," led to a global recall of up to 1,000 tonnes of dairy products across seven countries, including China.


Fonterra later announced that independent testing confirmed there was no presence of the strain, called Clostridium botulinum, in Fonterra's whey protein concentrate ingredient and the products made using it, including infant formula.


The ban, however, never affected all of Fonterra's exports to China, although it became a high profile issue after France's Danone took legal action over the incident.