India's milk output reaches record high of 132.43 tonnes during 2012-13

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July 10, 2014



India's milk output reaches record high of 132.43 tonnes during 2012-13




India's milk production has reached a record output of 132.43 tonnes during the 2012-13 period, according to the Economic Survey.



The country ranks first in global milk production and accounts for 17% of world production.



Milk production has become an important secondary source of income for 70 million rural households engaged in dairying and for 70% of the workforce which comprises women. The average on-year growth rate of milk at 4.04%, compared to the world average of 2.2%, shows sustained growth in availability of milkproducts for the growing population.



In the meantime, a comprehensive new scheme on bovine breeding and dairy development was launched with the objective of enhancing milk production in a sustainable manner.



The National Dairy Plan Phase-I, launched in March 2012 with the objectives of improving productivity of milch animals, strengthening and expanding village-level infrastructure for milk procurement, and providing producers greater access to the dairy market, continues. The number of milch animals increased from 62 million in 2000 to 83.15 million in 2012, thus adding to the improved milch herd in the country.