China Aniline Market Lags Behind in Exportation

Publish time: 15th March, 2011      Source: CCM
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      Mar. 14, 2011- China is the largest manufacturer of aniline in the world.  It has maintained a stable growth in recent years.


      Attributed to the great consumption of its downstream industries like MDI and rubber ingredients, plus the stimulus package from Chinese government, China's aniline production market recovered in the late of 2009 from the financial crisis that lasted from 2008 to 2009, though it did see a dive during the crisis under the global gloomy economy environment. 


      All the active aniline producers in China have one thing in common: producing nitrobenzene to guarantee their aniline production. Now, most of them are located in East China and North China, where is close to the end users of aniline.


      China's aniline market developed fast, though mainly restricted in the domestic market. According to CCM's statistic (one of Chinese profession market research companies) in the report Production of Aniline in China, up to 90% production of the Chinese aniline application limited in China only. The high standard of safety requirement and complicated procedures blows Chinese manufactures' confidence, and it restrain the exportation development at the same time.



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