Raisio Feed opens new plant in Finland's dairy district

Publish time: 27th June, 2008      Source: www.cnchemicals.com
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June 27, 2008



Raisio Feed opens new plant in Finland's dairy district


Raisio Feed announced the opening of its new feed plant at Ylivieska, Finland's most important milk production area.



Ylivieska, situatied about 500 kilometre north of the capital Helsinki, was chosen as the place for the new plant as it is a key area for livestock production.



Half of Finland's milk and beef is produced in the delivery area of the plant and livestock farms consume about one quarter of all feed mix manufactured in Finland.



Leif Liedes, vice president of the Feed & Malt Division, said investment for the plant totalled EUR20 million and feed is produced in three shifts. The plant produces mixes for cows and beef cattle.



The annual feed production capacity of the automated plant will be 140,000 tonnes. For this, about 50,000 tonnes of feed grain will be required every year from local farmers. Crushed rapeseed will be delivered from the group's own vegetable oil plant in Raisio.



Raisio developes, produces and markets foods and functional food ingredients, feeds and malts. Its turnover in 2007 was EUR422 million.



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